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Olli Ikkala received his third ERC Advanced Grant

The LIBER PI, Professor Olli Ikkala was granted his third Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) on 11 April 2024. The funding amounts to €2.5 million and the project will run for five years. Ikkala is the first person at Aalto University to have received the Advanced Grant three times and only the second in Finland.

Ikkala's project investigates bioinspired colours and adaptable materials. The project will also incorporate nanoclay and cellulose, both of which are bioderived nanomaterials. Ikkala’s project is broadly related to reducing the harmful pollutants associated with the resource-intensive dye and pigment industry, which has just received hefty restrictions from the EU. Classically, colour is based on the absorption of light. Structural colours based on light reflection are being extensively developed as part of the research into sustainable development. 


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